Professional Certificate
in Strategic Human Resource Management

10th - 14th February 2020, London, UK

Course Overview

Today’s Human Resource department plays a far more prominent role in the management and oversight of organisations than was previously the case. This is because it has become generally accepted that an organisation’s workforce – its people – are its most valuable resource and an organisation cannot succeed without effectively managing this resource.

The HR professional therefore has one of the most important roles in the organisation, overseeing staff recruitment, training and development, shaping and defining culture, motivating the workforce and resolving disputes and grievances.

This course will utilise case studies, best practice examples and delegate experiences to provide participants with a thorough and holistic understanding of the HR function and the role of the modern HR professional. In addition to this the course also explores how the HR department has evolved, how it now fits into the rest of the organisational structure, and the challenges and responsibilities it now faces.

Topics Include

  1. The evolution of the HR department
  2. Workforce planning
  3. Devising and implementing HR strategy
  4. Employee engagement
  5. Succession planning

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course delegates will be able to:

  1. align HR with an organisation's strategic objectives
  2. identify and develop future organisational leaders
  3. employ motivational techniques to increase staff performance
  4. design and develop a competency based framework
  5. recognise the importance of a positive organisational culture

How You Will Benefit

You will:

  1. gain a recognised professional qualification
  2. hear the latest insights, research and developments in Human Resource Management from leading experts
  3. network and share ideas with colleagues from around the world
  4. enhance your skills and knowledge in the management of HR